A date with the Premier, Kristina Keneally

On a perfectly spring Monday morning on November 22, I had the pleasure of hanging out at The Maritime Museum in Sydney with not only the Premier of NSW, Kristina Keneally but a swag of passionate book loving folks.

That’s me sitting between the Premier, Andrew Daddo and Peter Fitzsimmons, who writes loads of books for adults. I also had fun meeting legendary comedian Ahn Do, who was born in Vietnam and came to Australia as a refugee and has written a book  telling that story. I can’t wait to read his book.

The museum was packed with kids who had completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2010 and many of its devoted supporters. We all witnessed the launch of the Challenge for 2011,  which will be even bigger and better! The premier announced not only 600 new books on the lists to choose from but that she is setting up an online voting system so kids can vote for their favourite books to be added as well.

At the museum were loads of other great kids’ authors like Duncan Ball, Moya Simons, Boori Monty Pryor, James Roy and Tohby Riddle.

Below is a picture of me talking about books – something I love doing.

I was talking about my book, The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen, which was inspired by my Nanna’s stories about seeing ghosts!

Thanks to Rosie Charles for the pics from the day.


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